"Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy."  

Creating a better life for everyone also includes employing sustainable development best practices in everything that we do. The Group's sustainable development philosophy is geared towards the environment, economy and community.

To protect, preserve and rehabilitate the environment, we employ green technology, renewable and energyefficient resources and minimize wastage to reduce our carbon footprint.

To provide economy of scale without reinventing the wheel, we leverage on our global partners instead of establishing individual brick and mortar global offices to provide a virtual, practical and efficient network that can deliver solutions to customers across the globe.

To ensure continuous community empowerment, we provide scholarships for tertiary education, executive education for adults and participate in corporate social responsibility projects to help the needy and disadvantaged to ensure that the poor in the community are not left behind.

hese "inclusive" approach towards sustainability ensures that the Group contributes positively towards bridging the widening social economic disparities prevalent in the world today. Every little helps and we believe that these efforts, while elementary will progressively create a better life and a sustainable future for everyone.

  SMARTER. FASTER. BETTER. SAFER. FRIENDLIER.     Indeed, the future "For a better life" begins today.  

We are a firm believer in embracing innovation and technology to improve the quality of lives of our customers and are constantly on the lookout for new technology that can help us to build smarter, faster, better, safer and friendlier.

We believe in staying at the forefront of technology and employ green building and renewable energy technologies in our projects to promote sustainable development and living to play our part in reducing wastage of increasingly limited resources and caring for the environment.

People are our most precious resource and we will continue to invest in human capital development to ensure that the Group is able to keep abreast with ever changing technology and compete successfully globally as we spread our footprints beyond Malaysia.


By God's grace and through careful vision casting, planning and execution, we have grown and have expanded our business interests. RENG GROUP is a vision fulfilled, albeit in a relatively short period of 20 years, by classical business standards.

We believe that our achievements so far is a testament to the Group's unique ability to visualize, create, build, adapt, change and deliver solutions that are relevant.

As we set the stage for the next chapter of our journey, we will continue to focus on inspiration, innovation and excellence in our business and community dealings.

We believe that current continuous global population growth, rapid urbanization, knowledge explosion and ever-increasing customer sophistication demanding for sustainable solutions will provide us with a rich vein of opportunities for future growth and expansion.

We invite you to join our journey too... to take your rightful place in time and history because what we do today will echo into eternity.

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